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Established in 1992
NARCOA Affiliate since 2014

LEGAL NOTICE: Operation of railway equipment, including motorcars, is governed by Federal, State and Railroad authorities. All rail property is owned by someone.  Operation of any equipment on or around railroad property is only permitted with permission of the property owner or leasor.  CVRTC will assist local, State, and Federal authorities in prosecuting illegal operators of railway equipment. 

The Cotton Valley Rail Trail Club is an association of railway motorcar enthusiasts dedicated to preserving motorcar history and right-of-way maintenance through active operation and stewardship.
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Passing of Sean McInerney

(June 17, 2023)

Message from President Bruce Stuart:

Good afternoon friends. There are moments in your life that time and understanding prepare you for, what news I bring does not lend itself to one of those moments. As I sit here at this keyboard, still trying to digest this loss, I struggle to come up with words that can truly express my sadness in saying goodbye to a very dear friend. On this 17th day of June. The brakes have been released, markers hung and the throttle cracked for one last departure from Fernald Station for Sean. More...


April Motorcaring Is Here! First meeting at Fernald for 2023

(April 15, 2023)

The 2023 CVRTC season started off with a bang! Over 25 members attended the business meeting and then stayed working for many hours painting the engine house. It was a great effort with great results. The southern and western sides of the engine house get baked by the sun and weather so it took a lot of paint to cover the faded walls. The window and door trim were also painted. Linda and Jeff came by with a lunch for everyone! Thank you! While the paint crew applied 25 gallons of barn red, a track crew of four headed west and fixed the rolled rail that occurred last fall during the brush cutting activity. The gauge was fixed, rods installed and spiked back down to keep us running into town for the 2023 season. Thank you to everyone involved for the job well done!

(N McDonald,S McInerney,A Mansur Photos) (SPM)

Annual March Business Meeting

(March 25, 2023)

Message from President Bruce Stuart:

I was apprised by Jon Minor last evening that member Denneth "Tiny" Lee had passed away at 83. Tiny joined CVRTC in 1995. Tiny held both officer and director positions as well as writing an early RTP Grant for the club to install guard rails on Willey Brook Trestle. Tiny was a big man who drove truck for St Johnsbury as well as Roadway. Tiny was seldom found on the line working without his sidekick Wayne Goldthwaite. He was also a quiet member who's action spoke more than his words. The two of them worked side by side their entire time at CVRTC. Both also provided the initial work rides on the Conway Scenic RR due to the relationship & trust they had fostered with management at the tourist line. I'm saddened at seeing yet another long time member depart the station. RIP Tiny.

(D Kotsonis Photo) (SPM)

Spring Is Trying to Spring

(March 24, 2023)

The new roof on Fernald Station looks great. All the gingerbread has been returned to it's former glory. The contractor even took a day to apply a new coat of cream colored paint to the trim. The task list is being created and the club is looking forward to completing the paint on the engine house and do the same for Fernald. Hopefully the current storm will melt quickly and the track passable by Saturday, 15 April for our first meeting of the year.

(S McInerney Photo) (SPM)

Annual March Business Meeting

(March 18, 2023)

The meeting was held at the function hall at the Merrimack Valley Railroad on Park St in Northfield, NH. Per our by-laws, annual elections were held and the new officers were welcomed to the Board of Director fold. All officers reported to those in attendance about their respective responsibilities. Updates from DNCR, NHOVA, NARCOA and other topics were covered by the Vice President and President. A summmary of our 2023 goals were stated and lots of discussions ensued to hammer them out and begin to define what this year's activities will look like. Please see the Events Calendar page on this website to help plan your motorcar activities.

(S McInerney Photo) (SPM)


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