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Wolfboro Line - Fernald Brook Washout

(Nov 21, 2008) CVRTC members, Tiny Lee, Ron Mitchell and Frank Judge put the finishing touches on the recent Fernald Brook washout. Following the last club meeting, several CVRTC members pulled two lengths of rail in anticipation of a bridge abutment repair and fill by a state contractor. Once the contractor had finished the abutment repair, Tiny Lee installed and leveled the ties and also put the rails in place. The next day Ron and "helper" Frank Judge spiked the rails. A great job completed before the real deep frost showed up to prevent the finish work! Thank you! (SPM)

Ossipee Work

(Nov 21, 2008) CVRTC members worked alongside local Snowmobile club members, and the State of New Hampshire to repair a washed out culvert on the Ossipee Line. Dave reports that "a cold and windy day was had by all. One heck of a job done by all". To the left, the hardy crew poses for a photo on the completed section. (JWM)

November Membership Meeting

(Nov 9, 2008) Last membership meeting of the year. Members secured the station and enginehouse for the winter. To the right, Ian warms up an A-Car in preparation of heading out to Fernald Brook. The rails need to be removed so that the bridge repairs can be made before winter. We'll reinstall the rails before the snow falls. (JWM)

Bartlett Roundhouse Club

(Nov 8, 2008) Taking advantage of one of last possible good weekends, the Bartlett Roundhouse Club chipped a good deal of the brush on the property. CVRTC member Harvey Simonds helped by providing the chipper. Tim provided a picture showing several of their guys by the pile. Another weekend is being planned. (JWM)

Conway Scenic Railroad Excursion

Mt Willard(Oct 26, 2008) Roy reports that inn spite of very uncertain weather, 19 motorcars traveled thru heavy rain to the Conway freight house set on, hoping for the very best.  After a stop in North Conway, the clouds started to break and Sunday became a perfect day for a beautiful ride through the Notch.  On the way back we are shown stopped on the side of Mt Willard at  Willey Brook trestle to look at the remaining foundation of the Mt Willard house and the memorial to the family that lived there for many years. In the upper left of the photo, notice the line in the trees representing the RR grade, three miles in the distance. The day turned out to be the very best, and as they say, a great time was had by all. (JWM)

New England Southern Excursion

Trackcars at the overlook

(Oct 19, 2008) When a contractor's maintenance machine broke down, it blocked the Milford and Bennington line and forced the cancellation of our Oct. 19th M-B excursion. The NEGS came to our rescue and offered us the use of their track between East Concord and Northfield.  It's a great line to ride with good track and very few crossings. Thirteen members,  with their cars and guests, seized the opportunity to enjoy a leisurly 36 mile round trip under a clear blue sky.  Roy shares this picture of the trackcars stopped at the Overlook along the Merrimack River. Just to give one an idea of the deceiving height of this sand embankment, no one has been able to toss a stone far enough to reach the river below.  (JWM)

October Meeting

(Oct 12, 2008) Roy reports that a beautiful October morning  greeted the members as they assembled for the monthly meeting and some planned track maintenance.  After replacing a switch tie at Fernald the Track work @ Fernaldcrew loaded up the shovels and rakes and headed out to unplug some culverts so our sand ballast wouldn't be saturated with water and washed out in the next heavy rain. After stopping for lunch and a Lunch Breakpicture at the Miss Wakefield diner, we headed back. The results of a great mowing job done by the Thursday gang is readly visible thru the front window of one of the cars as it heads back to Fernald. If they hadn't worked at it during  the year, our ROW would look like the high brush on both ROWsides of the track...........if you could find it. (JWM)

Putt Putt Day

Putt Putts(Sept 18, 2008) The Thursday Gang celebrated an informal "Putt Putt Day" by bringing out their old machines for the day.  There will not be too many more days like this, until it's too cold to be enjoyable. (JWM)

New England Southern Track Patrol

(Sept 19, 2008) Jon, Frank and Roy got together on a beautiful Friday morning to run a track patrol on the White Mountain Branchin advance of the weekend's caboose train.  It proved to be an interesting day for all involved... the group found a pile of ballast and sticks that had been intentionally left on the rails in East Concord, cleared sight lines around Milepost C1, moved several fallen trees, and discovered a hornet nest.  After getting stung multiple times... Jon grabbed the hornet spray and finished them off. Roy took a picture of Frank and Carol, and Jon  right after the saftey meeting, and before the group patrolled south from West Portsmouth Street.

Family Day

Bench Dedication(Sept 14, 2008) Dave K would like to thank all the people who helped out and brought food to celebrate Family Day. While the weather wasn't the best, from the food that WASN'T left over, it looks like everybody eat well and had a good time.  Once again I'd like to thank Ron, Don, Norman, and Bill for your help in getting Glenna's memorial area done.  Without your help, it wouldn't have gotten done. After the meeting, several members braved the weather, and headed out for a ride. (JWM)

White Mountain Branch Excursion

Trackcars at Tilton(Sept 13, 2008) Members and guests enjoyed a nearly 40 mile round trip ride on the State of NH owned "White Mountain Branch" between Concord and Tilton.  While in Tilton, we toured the restored frieght house, and several privately-owned cabooses. To the right, Ron's MT14 is ready to lead the group south. The return trip included some tree trimming, and a meet at Canterbury with the New England Southern Railroad local.  This was real railroading! (JWM)

Thursday Group

Men at work(September 10, 2008)  Dave reports that fhe Thursday Gang got together Wednesday to mow the Wolfeboro line with the old and new mowers in preparation for Family Day.  They went from Fernalds East to Miss Wakefield with both mowers doing a great job.  On the way back the old mower started acting up and we where unable to finish mowing one side of the track.  Will have to take a longer look at it and see what has to be done.  While the new mower worked well, it likes gas.  The new mower used two gallons of gas and ran out on the return trip from Miss Wakefield.  They even idled it down or shut if off when stopped. (JWM)

Glory Days of the Railroad

Jessie and Mike at Glory Days(September 6, 2008) It was a rainy day in White River Junction, VT as Mike and Jesse set on to give rides at the annual Glory Days of the Railroad event. The rain kept attendance down overall but both track cars were still kept very busy through out the day providing rides across the Connecticut River and up the remaining part of the former B&M Northern Main line in Westboro.  Despite the poor weather, many people were smiling as they got to ride on a Speeder for the first time. (JWM)

Working on the Railroad

Clearing a siding(August 30, 2008) For the past two weekends, Club members have been working with the New England Southern Railroad to restore service to a local customer.  The first phase of the project was to remove trees and brush from the right-of-way, and open sightlines.  The next phase will be to replace ties and ballast. Frank, Ian, Jessie, Bob (not pictured), and Jon (behind the camera) spent the morning cutting.  Frank and Ian ended the day by patrolling the White Mountain Branch. (JWM)

Silver Lake Railroad Excursion

Silver Lake Railroad

(August 10, 2008) This month CVRTC members gathered in Madison , NH and rode the Silver Lake Railroad, operating on the former Conway Branch.  The Silver Lake Railroad operates from the former Madison, NH depot, giving short rides through the woods and fields. The depot houses a small museum, and the property also includes the freight house, and other railroad equipment.

After setting on, and a safety meeting at Boulder Road, the group proceeded south on the first of three round trips. (JWM)

Trackcar Rides at Potter Place

The guys pose at Potter Place(August 3, 2008) For the second year in a row, CVRTC members volunteered their time to support the Andover Historical Society.  Frank, Bruce and Jon gave rides for three hours on Sunday morning during their Old Home Day... introducing about 150 people to the hobby. To the left, the guys pose before giving rides... further to the left is the Society's pumpcar and caboose.  The restored Potter Place depot contains a small museum. (JWM)

Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm Cleanup

(July 26, 2008) A freak storm swept through New Hampshire, including a tornato which cut a swath of damage across southern towns.  CVRTC members inspected the Wolfeboro Railroad and the adjacent Cotton Valley Rail-Trail, finding several sections with major damage.  Trees had been uprooted, or simply snapped off.  Ian found a 2x8 plank on Friday, with no explaination where it might have come from.  On Saturday, several more members seton at Fernald, heading east toward Cotton Valley and the Frost Brook area, to complete the cleanup. To the right, members clean up the right of way and adjacent trail after limbing out a fallen tree. As a Club, we're uniquely equiped to bring in our tools and get the job done.  (JWM)

Open House

Open House 2008(July 13, 2008)  The Cotton Valley Rail Trail Club opened the doors of the enginehouse to the community for the annual open house.  This year visitors could tour the enginehouse, view static displays, and tour both ends of the Wolfboro Railroad.  To the left, is Dave's MT-14 at Fernald before heading west to the causeway.

Members have already started working on some things for next years event which will be Sunday, July 11th. There were some suggestions from people helping on how to make their jobs easier, and mostly it was signage and requests for more trackcars. We had 8 cars this year and it went smooth, but it would have been better to have more, about 18-25. This way we could have doubled the size of the westbound trains and had 2 train sets on the east end to make the ride cycles faster and hauling more people at a time and some to cover break downs. If we can get enough cars to do two train sets on the east end, we can logically go all the way to MP W9 with the 2 trains from opposite directions meeting at Cotton Valley and passing. Thus people would only have to wait at Fernald about the same time as they did this year...the key is you need enough cars to be able to do it, and this way people can also see some other scenery such as the marshes.  We hope everyone had a good time, and please if you have any suggestions or comments, we would love to hear them.(JWM)

Conway Scenic "A Day Out with Thomas" - CVRTC Volunteers Participate

CVRTC Spent the Day with Thomas(July 11-13, 2008) Several members of the club participated in the volunteer effort at the Conway Scenic over three days. This was the first of two weekends that CVRTC members show their support for our local short line railroads. Trainmaster Don Hallet was pleased with our efforts assisting local staff, parking cars, acting as roving information booths and of course giving motor car rides to the kids. It's a rewarding experience working a Thomas Day and the young kids have a blast. Some members even got cab rides in the F7, B&M 4266. CSRR were short of crew on the pull-pull operation headed up the valley and needed a crew member in the trailing unit in case of an emergency. There is nothing like a one hour cab ride in an EMD F7 alone for a Boston & Maine railfan! Then a cab ride back south with a retired 30+ year Maine Central engineer who used to run on the Mtn Div. The club would like to thank: Don Wendell, Harry Thayer, Len Abrahamson, Bill Catanesye, Sean McInerney, Kathy McInerney, Frank Judge, James Insley, Tiny Lee, Wayne Goldwaithe, Dave Kotsonis, Roy Frendberg and Brad Morrill. Great job! Our help was much appreciated by CSRR. Good luck to next weeks CVRTC volunteer crew! (SPM)

New England Southern Work Ride

CVRTC Members @ Sargent Street(July 11, 2008) or subtitled as "Adventures with TC-42 and the Flying Picnic Table"... Frank and Jon met up at 0800h at the Concord tower, then drove down the access road to do some cutting down by the I-93 bridge where new track is being installed.  They also briefly surveyed the former Capitol Distributors siding which will be a future CVRTC project. After the cutting was complete, and with a Form D in hand, they set-on at West Portsmouth Street to perform a track patrol on the White Mountain Branch.  Some light trimming was needed, and drainage issues were addressed in the Northfield Marsh. To the left, Frank and Dave pose with the trackcars during their lunch break. (JWM)

Conway Scenic Railroad Work Ride

Lunch at Fabyan

(June 28, 2008) Jon, Tiny, guests and crew met in North Conway, picked up their timetables, and after a brief safety meeting, headed to Bartlett (MP 70.51) to set-on.  Their duties today included performing a track patrol ahead of train #163, clearing sightlines around mileposts, and clearing the foundation of the former Willey Brook section house.  The weather forecast wasn't promising, and the fog, mist, and clouds hung low in the sky as the group headed up though the Gateway and past Crawfords station, now restored and used by the AMC.  They continued west to Fabyan, where they broke for lunch. To the right, Ed and Dave munch on Chex Mix.  The group returned to Crawfords, meeting the train, then drifted downgrade following the train, completing their work.  Although windy through Crawford Notch, the rain held off.  A good day on the rails, and a good day helping one of our host railroads. (JWM)

Thursday Group

Setoff @ Hobo Junction

(June 5, 2008) Dave reports that The Thursday Group got together today and built a new set off at Hobo Junction (Sadie's Pool or Enchanted Forest) While the weather was overcast, it didn't rain and they had good working weather.  They also moved the picnic table so  club members can now enjoy the area.  Bring mosquito spray! Missing from the picture is Ian M who had to go to work at his real job.  Don W is going to make up some markers so you will be able know the set off is coming up. (JWM)

Meeting Agenda

(June 5, 2008) The next membership meeting is June 8th. Work will continue on staining the enginehouse, and repairs to the base of the north wall.

Hope to see you all on Sunday, it is going to be a nice day. (JWM)

Hobo Trackcar Meet

Trackcars at Weirs Beach

Ron reports that about 20 CVRTC members attended the 20th Annual Hobo Railroad Trackcar Meet. Dick's photograph shows the cars lined up at Weirs Beach prior to their northbound departure on Saturday. (JWM)

Monday MOW Gang

Monday MOW Gang(May 19, 2008)  The Monday MOW Gang got 4 ties replaced, and the switch is now working properly with no play in the rail. Steel plates will be installed on the headblocks to secure the switch stand and make it safer to use. They also cut back the brush on the north side of the track along the Fernald mainline. In attendance were Dave, Tiny, Jesse and Ian. (JWM)

Meeting Notes

(May 18, 2008) Roy reports that great weather brought a fine turnout of ambitious members to the monthly meeting at Fernald for a planned work day. The front of the engine house was finished with the addition of the white trim boards. The painting crew was busy working on the north side, giving us a nice barn red background for all those sharp looking white trimmed windows that were tediously repaired to replace the old broken ones. Inside, but not shown, members secured a lockable steel cabinet to the wall for storing track and other tools. And outside, the track crew awaited their orders to proceed east to a work site with a consist of "engines", 2 loaded flats, and a caboose for added braking. Hey......when you put all this together, you've got to admit it.........the CVRTC goes first class! (JWM)

Thursday Gang

Trackcars at "Cotton Valley"

(May 15, 2008) Dave K reports that the Thursday Gang had a great day this week.  Seven track cars and great weather. Don W provided new signs, which were put up for "Cotton Valley" and "Hobo Junction", and the usual work to lower the beaver dams, keeping the water low enough so that the tracks don't flood. (JWM)

New England Southern Work Ride

Trackcars at "Sod Farm"

(May 11, 2008)

Jon M, his crew Dave and Edward, and Ian H joined the New England Southern Railroad crew to assist with their ongoing track work.  The morning was spent pulling spikes and tieplates on the former Suncook Valley track, while the NEGS crew drove new spikes with the air hammer.  After lunch, they seton at Second Street, and patrolled down to MP47 to pull the remaining spikes between roughly MP46.5 and MP47. To the left is Ian's MT-19, followed by Jon's MT-14 as they prepare to head North at the end of the day. (JWM)

Thursday Gang

Fernald Bridge Repair

(May 8, 2008) Dave K reports that the Thursday Gang worked on repairs to the Fernald Bridge.  Larry and Dick from the Wolfeboro Skimobile club stripped the 2x6 decking boards off the large timbers Wednesday night.  They showed up this morning to help move the larger timbers and supplied us with coffee and donuts .  The State also came by this morning and loaded the decking boards on the dump truck and took them away.  After removing the large timbers, we moved them to a storage area near Fernald Station.  Next we replaced some of the decking and added a new safety rail.  Later on in the morning some of our members went up to clear some of the culverts at the beaver ponds. (JWM)

Fernald Brook Bridge

(May 2, 2008) Ron Mitchell reports that he attended the TRAC meeting in Wolfeboro last night and discussed the repair work to the Fernald Brook Bridge. It looks like fall before the work is done. In the mean time the snowmobile club constructed a bridge over ours, which needs to be removed before we have access beyond 109. Talking to the President of the snowmobile club, it looks like two weeks. They may need our help in removing the big timbers. If they can do it on a Thursday, we can help with our tractor. They are going to let Ron know what date. More of the banking has washed away, so we will have to extend the temporary bridge to make it safe. Check back on the websites for updates. (JWM)

May Event request - Wakefield Pride Day

(May 1, 2008) Ian MacMillan has three members joining him at Wakefield Pride Days. To date, he has three cars signed up to give rides to the public from the old turntable to Rt. 16 and back. He is looking for one or two additional members who can work the booth to talk about the club and help get waivers signed. He has fliers to hand out and Bill made us a nice "flag" with the clubs diamond logo on it. The event should run from 8AM - 5PM. Please contact Ian if you can assist (see Events Page). (SPM)

April Meeting

(April 8, 2008) Ron reports that April's meeting will be held at Fernald Station. He returned the club tractor today and removed about 3 feet of snow from the east end of the engine house, so one set of doors can be opened on Sunday. There was about a foot of snow in the parking lot, but with these temperatures it should be all gone by Sunday. There is bare ground north of the station and out to the coal bins. We should have plenty of room to park. There isn't any clear rail, so don't bring any rail cars.

Hookset Lions Club has their 13th annual model railroad show on Sunday April 20, 2008, 10am - 3pm at the Hookset Middle School on Route 27 (Whitehall Rd) 1 mile off Rte 3. They are looking for several of our members to display their cars. Contact person is Robert Schroeder at (603)485-5021[h] or (603)533-0046[c]. (JWM)

Glenna Newton

(Mar 20, 2008) It is with much saddness that we mourn the passing of Glenna Newton, who passed away last night losing her battle with cancer. Our prayers are with Myril and her family.

Annual Meeting

(Mar 6, 2008) Why is Frank in such a hurry? He doesn't want to be late to the Annual Meeting! The meeting is being held at 10am in Belmont at the Corner Meetinghouse this Sunday, and the agenda contains the following:

1. Pay membership dues for 2008 (see Roy before the meeting)
2. Elections of Officers
3. Treasurers report
4. Update on club insurance
5. Discuss OHRV registrations for our cars
6. Use of club equipment policy
7. Safety requirements
8. 2008 club goals
9. 2008 excurisions
10. Discuss old business

CVRTC Clothing

(Feb 28, 2008) Dave provided pictures of some of the new CVRTC Clothing. You will be able to see the clothing and order anything you want at the March meeting. At present Dave has made up 18 hats. COST: Hats $7.00, Denim Shirt $18.00, Polo Shirt $18.00, Jacket $34.00 (JWM)

Winter 2008

(Feb 28, 2008) Ron took these pictures to show how much snow has fallen in Wolfeboro. A lot of the deep snow has slid off of the roof, except for the north east end. As you can se the from the photo, it has started to move, so I think we are safe. All we need is some warm weather. There is 4 to 5' of snow in front of the doors. Inside the engine house looks good. There is 5 to 6' of ice and snow on the tool room roof. In our area we have a lot of roof collapses. (JWM)

A Look Back at Fernald

(Feb 13, 2008) Ian obtained these pictures showing Fernald in the 1970's. The pictures were taken by Bruce Davison, and used on the CVRTC website with his permission. Compare these pictures with the current condition of the enginehouse, and be proud of the hard work that club members have done to preserve history. (JWM)

Happy New Year

(Feb 13, 2008) There's still a bunch of snow covering the railhead, but some members have been hard at work with their winter projects. Ian has been working on newly designed booklet with all the Club rules, State and Federal laws, and trackcharts. This will be published in the same style as the old railroad timetables.

Bill and Harvey, (well, mostly Bill) have been working on the diesel powered MT14s. They have them stripped down, and ready for sandblasting. The frames have been straightened and welded, and the fuel injectors are being rebuilt for top performance. The picture to the left, shows the Kubota motors mounted to the Fairmont transmissions. The second MT14 is owned by Bill and Shelly Catansse.

Jon, on the other hand, was totally caught off guard by the early snow fall in December, and never got the tarps over TC-42. So it sits neglected, buried in snow, awaiting a spring thaw!

The Club's annual meeting is coming up in March. Check back for meeting location and time. We'll be electing Officers and Directors. Membership applications should have been sent out to all current members; contact Roy if you didn't get yours, or click on the "Membership" link and download the forms. (JWM)

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