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Cotton Valley Rail Trail Club, Inc.



First and foremost, you DO NOT need a motorcar to join this group of motorcar enthusiasts! Railcar ownership is not a requirement! Click on the link to download the Membership Application. After you have saved the file on your computer, you will need to print the document. Please print it double sided on a single sheet of paper if you are able. Please complete all required fields. The roster section on page 2 is optional. Please mail the completed form to the address shown on the application along with your dues.

Membership Application

Additional Roster Form

The CVRTC maintains a membership roster that is distributed to all members. If you are like many and exceed the four lines on the back of the Membership Application due to your ever expanding inventory of railroad motorcars, please feel free to use this expanded Roster Form for your motorcar information. This information is optional but helps members get to know each other and connect outside of the regular meetings. Please send in your Roster Form along with your Membership Application.

Roster Form

Online Discussion Group

CVRTC uses an online discussion group to communicate to it's members in addition to this website. It is a closed group. Only CVRTC members in good standing may subscribe. This group discusses all matters related to CVRTC, Motorcars and Maintenance of Way. Members are invited to post their event or excursion photos and other club related material in the files section of this list. Please refrain from topics not related to the content listed above. It is hosted by the provider You are encouraged to create an account ID. This allows you to see the files and photos posted to the group page. Without a Account ID, you will not be able to view any content on the group page. A ID is not a requirement to receive email communictions sent to the group list.

CVTRC forms are published using Adobe's Portable Document Format. If you do not have a PDF viewer on your computer, click on the button to the left to visit Adobe's website, and download thier FREE reader.

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