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Board of Directors Meeting

(November 18, 2007) Frank reports... Special thanks go to Peter Dearness and his all volunteer NEGS train crew including Conductor Paul Hatch, Engineer Gordon Wallick, and brakeman Larry Ayer. Work Ride coordinator Ian MacMillan, Jesse Mazzie, and Frank brushed out and activated the unused 'propane siding' and switch on Saturday in preparation for Sunday's ride. Caboose owners Larry Ayer, Sean McInerney, and Troy Chauvin provided riding cars, and Chi and Sarah Hofe made their Pullman Car available for the luncheon and business meeting. Big thanks to Sean McInerney for supplying all the wonderful food, coffee, and drinks! Great team work by all........

Congratulations Ian, he was selected to fill the vacant position formerly held by Chris Sylvester.

CVRTC Board of Directors and Frank Judge pictured at the conclusion of their 2007 Fall Meeting in Concord, NH.. Photo by Sarah Hofe. (JWM)

November Meeting

(November 11, 2007) Roy reports... A sunny November day and cold weather greeted an excellent turnout of CVRTC members for the final meeting of the 2007 year. With winter on the way, it was time to "batten down the hatches", and individual members secured some sheet metal on the engine house roof, reglazed all the windows, removed the signs and winterized the Club's backhoe, all in preparation for the cold and snow. But the quiet time of the year doesn't stop all activity. The picture shows club members about to inspect two new additions to the Club "fleet"............MT14 Diesels.........(yes, you read it right). The diesels are on their way to a winter rehab in their owners' shops, and in the spring they will help launch the Club's 2008 season looking as if they had just rolled off the assembly line. (JWM)

Cotton Valley Trackwork

(November 5, 2007) Jesse reports that he, Ian, Frank and Jim met up to install three new ties on the Wolfeboro line. This went smoothly and after 3 hours of work with hand tools and the tractor they had the new ties installed, gauged, spiked and tamped. (JWM)

Wolfeboro Causeways, Part 2

(October 29, 2007) Dave reports that members of the Wolfeboro Snowmobile Club joined with CVRTC members today to cut and chip the remaining trees along the causeway. The groups met at the Fernald Enginehouse, and after a tour of the building and equipment, traveled to the causeway to cut and chip all necessary trees. After the work was complete, the groups headed to Wolfboro for lunch. A good time was had by all and everyone left looking forward to the next time we can work together. The picture shows how motorcars were used to haul the trees from the causeway to the waiting chipper. Although this is a hobby, many of us are proud to say that our motorcars are still working pieces of railway equipment! (JWM)

New England Southern

(October 27, 2007) Ian and Jon met up with Peter Dearness at 0830h, got their Form D, set-on and headed south to C 0.5 to pick up one of lorry cars to collect empty spike buckets. Seeing that they were filled with ties, and that it would take a while to empty one off, they headed north.

By the time they got to Sewells Falls Road both motorcars were filled, so they headed back, unloaded and picked up the now empty lorry car. Heading north once again, they picked up empty buckets, lids, and metal banding all the way to C 15.1. They had around 35 spike buckets, and maybe a dozen or pieces of banding... It was a trashy looking train. The picture shows the buckets, with handles looped around the lorry car's corner posts.

After unloading in Concord, they had a hand from Frank and Sean (on thier way home from an auction) setting off and loading up. Jon reports that the weather was some rain, and some mist... but he kept the side curtains open on his car. (JWM)

Wolfeboro Causeways

(October 22, 2007) Dave reports that the State of NH brought their tractor-mounted brush cutter to Wolfeboro and cleared both causeways.Members of the Wolfeboro Snowmobile Club showed up to help. After the causeway was finished there are still allot of trees standing. Larry Jean (Pres. Wolfeboro Snowmobile Club) called the Office of Trails and we have permission to cut the trees that are leaning over the tracks. They set a tentative date for both clubs to get together next Monday and remove and chip the trees.

They also looked at the washout by the Fernald Brook bridge. The snowmobile club is hot on this and they are going to try and get the ball moving again. It has eroded some more and the bank is just about at the end of the bridge. (JWM)

New England Southern Work Ride

(October 19, 2007) Frank and Jon set on at 0830h, and joined by Peter Dearness, the group patrolled up to Sargent Street, opening up sight lines several crossings to meet FRA guidelines. After lunch, we headed back to Concord, using the chain saw to clear several leaning trees. The cool fall weather made it a great day to work, and there was no rain... some heavy mist at times, but no rain. In the photo to the left, Peter and Frank clear brush at the NH-132 North crossing. Although the sky was overcast, the fall foliage was near its peak... a great day to be out on the rails.

There will be at least one more NEGS Work Ride this fall. (JWM)

Milford and Bennington Excursion

(October 14, 2007) A bright and sunny October morning greeted the CVRTC members who arrived in Bennington NH for an excellent "Speeder Breakfast" put on by the local VFW Post. After breakfast, the Club held its October meeting in front of the station, and then enjoyed a 5 hour ride from Bennington to Wilton and return. Another great day for the members of the CVRTC. Roy's picture, to the right, captures the group during the pre-run Safety Meeting. The Safety Meeting is an important part of the run, ensuring that everyone has completed their paperwork, has the required safety gear, is aware of the operating rules for the day, and any special instructions. (JWM)

MEC Mountain Division Excursion

(October 6, 2007) Len reports that it was a beautiful fall day for this CVRTC Excursion. Six cars were seton near the Whistle Stop store in East Baldwin, Maine and headed to Fryeburg. On the return trip, in the afternoon, there was enough time for some of the group to continue toward the town of Sebego Lake.

Need to thank Art and Frank for organizing and setting this trip up, as well as Ed who opened the Hirum Station Museum for the group. (JWM)

Mowing Along the Line

(October 4, 2007) Dave reports that The Thursday Group worked on the line. Don and crew finished up mowing from Fernald Station west to Wolfeboro. Looks like Ian and Jesse might have gone out on the tractor and done some mowing also. Ron, Tiny and Dave finished spreading the gravel around the engine house and should be all set for the winter. To the right, the crew adjusts the mower deck for the eastbound departure from Wolfeboro Falls, the current end of track. The Woodings motorcars have a much slower low speed, making them good for mowing. (JWM)

Great Day on the Line

(September 29, 2007) On Saturday Frank, Ian, Dick, Jesse and Jim set on and rode the Wolfeboro line today and picked a great day to do it. Jesse reports that the line was clear of any downed trees and all crossing's were clear from Wolfeboro to Wakefield. Frank and Jesse and Jim also rode the Ossipee line and cleared a few downed tree's. Pollys and Rail Road were clear as well. Although the stone dust on one of the culverts in the marsh seems to falling through a hole. (JWM)

Thursday Group

(September 26, 2007) ...on Wednesday? Dave reports "Busy day today. Some of the Thursday group forgot what day it was and showed up on Wednesday. Ron finished painting the front of the engine house. I know that many of our members will be disappointed that they didn't get a chance to help, as they all showed up to help, but it rained. Don got his mower working again and did from Cotton Valley to Route 16. We got the belt and pulley changed on the Gandy so the mower will turn faster. We also filled the track in at the front of the engine house so you can load and unload cars. The back has also been done so we can drive around the station if need be. Two things to all our members. PLEASE DO NOT USE Don's mower as the carburetor needs to be fixed and do not use the Gandy as it also needs work. We also moved equipment in the engine house and we would appreciate it our members leave it the way it is for now." (JWM)

Fall Foliage

(September 20, 2007) Dave reports that the fall foliage is almost at its peak around the marshes. He recommends that if you've got nothing to do this weekend... then head on over and fire up your motorcar. The Thursday Group was out on the line, and cleared one fallen tree... the rest of the line is open. (JWM)

Mountain Division Excursion

(September 16, 2007) 48 CVRTC Members and their guests rode from Redstone to Hazens and back. The weather was ideal, cool and clear, with miles of visibility. A great day. This trip was made possible with the cooperation of the Conway Scenic Railroad, which operates passenger excursions over this line. More photos are available in Ian's Picasa Web Album. (JWM)

Glory Days of the Railroad

(September 8, 2007) Jesse, Gordon, Warren and Al E. traveled to White River Jct. VT for the Annual Glory Days of the railroad event. The three motorcars provided many people with rides and introduced them to the Motorcar hobby.

The Glory Days of the Railroad in White River Jct. Vermont, provides the CVRTC an opportunity to give rides and inform the public of the motorcar hobby. While providing many smiles through rides & demonstrations they talk about the operation of motorcars, providing a brief living history of the days when motorcars were used to maintain and inspect the rails. This event also provides a chance to pass out motorcar literature to curious rail fans about the ways to obtain motorcars and to safely and more importantly, legally operate them. The Club collected generous donations left by happy people. We are told over and over that the motorcars are one of the most popular things at the Glory Days. (JM)

New England Southern Railroad Work Ride

(August 26, 2007) Cotton Valley Rail Trail Club members joined up with crew from the New England Southern Railroad. After a safety meeting, the group started brush cutting to improve sightlines around the insides of corners, and cleared around mileposts. On the right, Tom and Steve chat during our lunch break. (JWM)

NH Chronicle Filming

(August 13, 2007) Today, a crew from Channel 9 (WMUR) came to Wolfeboro to film segments for "New Hampshire Chronicle", a news show that highlights different people, places and aspects of NH. It was great to see so many members and their cars on the tracks today. By my count, we had 16 motorcars, and very good cross section of Fairmont, Woodings, "picnic tables", and partialy and fully-enclosed cars. On the left, Tom and Jennifer go over thier lines while getting ready to tape one of the segments. On the right, is a group shot, taken after the final segment was filmed on the causeway. This will be great exposure for the Club, thanks to Channel 9 and all the Club members who turned out today! We even had a visit from French President Nicolas Sarkozy. He was vacationing in Wolfeboro, and used the Cotton Valley Rail Trail for his daily jog. (JWM)

August Meeting

(August 12, 2007) The August monthly meeting was held in Bennington, NH. Over two dozen motorcars were filled with members, their guests, and at least dogs. We set-on at the restored Bennington station, now being used by the VFW. The VFW cooked up a wonderful breakfast. The trip started by backing east to the papermill, then heading west toward Elmwood Junction, where we swung south on to the Hillsboro Branch and continued to Wilton. This track is owned by the State of NH and operated by the Milford and Bennington Railroad. A lunch break was taken in South Lyndeboro on the return leg of the trip. Thanks to Steve Medlyn for setting up this excursion. (JWM)

Andover Historical Society

(August 5, 2007) Well rested after a hard day working, Jon and Frank relaxed a bit and spent the morning giving motorcar rides at Potter Place in support of the Andover Historical Society's "Old Time Fair". Jon counted 75 people who rode in his car. At Noon time the motorcar ride ended, and fair goers got try their hand on the "pump-car". Frank headed for home, Jon stuck around until 2pm, giving a couple more rides before doing the same. In the photo to the right, you see the restored caboose, one work flat, the pump-car, Frank's M14 and Jon's MT14.

Everyone was excited, and a safe day was had by all. There is about 0.2 miles of track at Potter Place, including a siding with two working switch stands. Stay tuned for next year! (JWM)


(August 4, 2007) Jon, Frank and Ian endured a hot day on the New England Southern Railroad, working ahead of the tie replacement gang, clearing brush to open up the work areas. After we cleared the brush, the spikes were pulled, then another crew used the tamper and a backhoe to extract the old ties. Work ride events, like this one, build good raport with the railroad, and gives Club members a first hand look at railroad maintenance operations.

Shown in the photo to the left, from back to front, are Ian's Woodings Car, Frank's M14, and Jon's MT-14. (JWM)

Winnipesaukee RR Work Ride

  Lochmere siding

(July 21, 2007)
Stuart Wing organized a work day on the Winnipesaukee RR.  We met at the baggage car in Meredith around 8:30 AM to sign releases and get our orders for the day.  The group of five cars proceeded south to seton at the Lakeport freight house.  The group picked up trash (over 20 bags) and did some light maintenance painting switchstands and targets as well as some brush cleaning along the siding in Lochmere.  After turning the cars in Tilton at lunch time, the group got a little "rare mileage" on the Lockmere siding too!  In attendance were Stuart, Ron, Frank, Dick and Sean along with some friends to help with the work. (SPM)


(July 12, 2007) The Thursday Group travelled over to Concord for a run on the White Mountain Branch. As always, the primary tasks for the day were to clear leaning trees, and improve sight lines around signage, and at highway crossings, and around switch stands. The Form D from NEGS allowed the group to proceed all the way into Caboose Village at Tilton. Frank opened up the restored frieght house, and his own caboose and gave tours. In the picture to the left, Harry gets ready to head south in his fire truck themed-MT14. Following Harry are cars belonging to Frank, Don, Dave, Norm, Ron and Jon. (JWM)

July Meeting Notes

(July 8, 2007) Very busy day at Fernald, and along other parts of the line as well. Starting at 8am, CVRTC members replaced the rotten siding on the storage room, and removed the leaking metal roof. After jacking the joists, a new transparent plastic roof was installed, shedding much needed light into the storage room. To the right, Frank and Jessie watch as Bill puts the final trim board in place. Frank and Jessie had just returned from a track patrol to Wolfeboro Falls, and were waiting to continue east. To the left, the crew pauses for their portrait. From left to right... Jon, Harvey, Bill C, Ron, Bill M, and Tom; Roy took the picture. After the enginehouse was complete, Jon, Roy, Frank and Jessie patroled east to the Miss Wakefield Diner. Jon snapped a quick shot of Roy and Frank with Frank's ex-Rutland M14. There were several leaning trees that could have been taken care of, but since it was raining, the work was postponed. Evidence of Ian's efforts with the club's new mower deck could been seen at each crossing where he had opened up the sight lines. It was great to see so many club members at the meeting and to finish the major work on the enginehouse. (JWM)

CVRTC Clothing

(June 24, 2007) At the June meeting there was interest in offering new CVRTC logo-wear to members. The sample logo is to the left. More information will be made available when price quotes have been obtained. (JWM)

Out And About

(June 24, 2007) Five CVRTC members and thier guests enjoyed a great summer day on the White Mountain Branch. This line is owned by the State of New Hampshire, and operated by the New England Southern. We patrolled from C0.8 in Concord, north to C17.6 (Sargent Street). On the return trip, the group cleared sightlines around mile posts, whistle posts, bridges, and curves. To the right, members are removing vegetation from around the Contookoty Brook bridge at C17.53. Such work builds upon a great relationship with the local railroads, and gives members access to rails, and an insight into railroad operations. Meanwhile... up on the Wolfeboro Line, Jesse, Corey and Ian were busy mowing the line with the club's sliding deck mower. They were able to mow from the end of track in Wolfeboro Falls east toward the causeway. To the left, is Ian's Woodings pushing the mower, followed by Jesse's MT19. The Wooding's slow speed makes it ideal for mowing. (JWM)

June Meeting

(June 10, 2007) Great weather for working outside. Members gathered at Fernald at 8:30am to start work on the Hersey Brook bridge. Fallen trees were removed from the stream, and the two upstream wing walls were repaired with fresh stone and gravel. After the meeting, the work party moved down to the second causeway, where Milepost W1 is located. To the left are Ian's NEGS 103, (Woodings) pulling the flatcar, Jon's TC-42 (MT-14), and Jesse's MT-19 as they prepare to head west. The backhoe was used to pull the milepost out of the lake, and then lift it up so it could be cleaned, and set in place with epoxy. To right, Ian puts a fresh coat of white paint on the post. Next month we'll stencil S11 and W1, representing eleven miles to Sanbornville, and one mile to Wolfeboro, respectively. Back at the enginehouse, Roy worked on painting the north side, while several other members worked on the crossing lights. Several excursions and work rides are in the planning stages, keep an eye on the Events page, details will be posted as soon as possible! (JWM)

White Mountains Trackcar Meet

(June 4, 2007) This weekend was the 19th Annual White Mountains Trackcar Meet, sponsored by the Hobo Railroad. As in past years, Saturday's operations were from Hobo Junction in Lincoln to Weirs Beach and return. Sunday was from Tilton to Weirs Beach and return. Many CVRTC members attended along with people from all over New England, and even Canada. There were a total of 52 cars registered for the event. Roy Frendberg contributed several photos taken on Saturday; to the left is a picture taken from the foot bridge of all the mototcars as they prepare to return North. On the right, Harvey, Dave and Tiny relax during the lunch time layover. (JWM)

May Meeting

(May 20, 2007) The damp weather and resulting low membership turnout put a halt to our plans to work on the enginehouse. We'll try to reschedule this work for next month. Ron reported that he, along with members from TRAC, installed a temporary bridge, and that the west end of the Wolfeboro Line is now back in service. Ron also reported that the Town of Wolfeboro will be installing a streetlight at Fernald. After the meeting, Jon Miner, and his two kids, patrolled east to NH-16 with two guests. Jon reports that the railroad is in good shape, no trimming was needed, but several leaners should be addressed soon. The water level in the beaver ponds looked good. Looking forward to see everyone at the Hobo Track Car meet. (JWM)

April Meeting

(April 22, 2007)  Nice day for a meeting.  Ron Mitchell and Jon Miner brought their motorcars.  Before the meeting, Ron patrolled west to from Fernald to the washout.  The repair work will be coordinated with DRED and TRAC; it's too much work for us to handle.  Jon patrolled east, past the Tennis Courts to where a large hemlock blocked the line.  The bulk of the meeting was spent on reporting on storm damage and insurance issues.  Watch this website for a new form to report motorcar operations which is required by the insurance policy.  This applies to both organized events and to club members who come up on their own.  After the meeting, Jon Miner and Art Hawkes patrolled east, cleaned up the hemlock tree and got as far as the Frog Hollow crossing where they ran into hard packed ice over the railhead. Later in the day, Ron and Roy patrolled all the way to NH-16. The photo shows Ron working on clearing the Cotton Valley crossing. (JWM)

Meeting Notes

(March 12, 2007) Nearly half of the CVRTC members showed up for the Annual Business Meeting. The election of Officers and Directors was held, Safety & Insurance were discussed, trail projects were outlined, and new enginehouse and switch keys made available to paid members. Trail work continues on the Cotton Valley trail, and we'll be continuing our efforts on the Enginehouse, and rebuilding culverts in the beaver swamp. We will also be looking to put together some Club Excursions, in addition to the usual work rides. The next meeting will be on Sunday, April 15th, held at Fernald Depot, in Wolfeboro. In case of cold weather, the wood stove will be fired up! (JWM)

Annual CVRTC Meeting

Belmont, NH Corner Meeting House - March 11 - 10:00 AM

(March 7, 2007): Please mark your calendars for the first meeting of 2007.  We will have club elections as well as a full agenda of items to discuss for the upcoming motor car year. Don't forget to set your clock ahead this weekend! (JWM)

Staying Warm on a Cold Winter Day

(Febuary 5, 2007): As the webmaster writes this, his MT-14 is all wrapped up in blue tarps sitting outside in 10 degree weather as the wind howls! Meanwhile, further to the south in North Easton, MA, Roy has fired up his Hunter heater and raised the temperature inside his track car to a comfortable 70 degrees as the thermometer shows. Outside it is 18 degrees, windy, but no snow!

The Club's Officers and Board of Directors will be meeting in February, and we'll look forward to seeing everyone at the Annual Meeting in March. Watch the events page for details. (JWM)

Mild Weather

(January 9, 2007): Tiny was out on the line on Sunday the 7th and reports that work has stopped on the trail, but the Cotton Valley area is still not completed. The milepost is still on the ground, no trail ballast has been spread, and materials for bridges and railings still stored on site. Three railings west of Cotton Valley have not been done, but materials have been staged on site. The tie pile has been removed from Fernald, put plenty of debris was left behind. The line was clear all the way to NH-16.

Three new culverts and old ones were open and running. Six leaning trees were cut west of Fernald, and brush cleared around mile posts. Due to the mild weather, lots of people were out walking on the new and old sections of the trail. The parking lot seems to be packing down okay, but there is a half to an inch of mud in front of the enginehouse. (JWM)

Happy New Year

(January 2, 2007): Hope your New Year is off to a great start! Visit the archives for a recap of previous years, and stay tuned for this year's events. (JWM)

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