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Cotton Valley Rail Trail Club, Inc.

In Rememberance of Sean McInerney

Good afternoon friends.

There are moments in your life that time and understanding prepare you for, what news I bring does not lend itself to one of those moments. As I sit here at this keyboard, still trying to digest this loss, I struggle to come up with words that can truly express my sadness in saying goodbye to a very dear friend.

On this 17th day of June. The brakes have been released, markers hung and the throttle cracked for one last departure from Fernald Station for Sean McInerney. I don't think there is a member, who in one way or another has not been touched by Sean.

His never ending enthusiasm for any project he either spearheaded or supported was always there in better positioning the club's future. Whether it was mowing, painting, archiving or teaching, it was always worth his time and the 4 hour commute back and forth to Fernald.

Sean shared some long time friendships with club members that went back many years. His time with Frank & Carol and the many trips down to Pennsylvania to ride the caboose train or the abandoned railbed adventures he would explore with Doug were all classic Sean. If you were a friend, you were a friend to the end. He was just one of those individuals. Allegiances were engrained in his character and who he was as a person. Those are qualities that we will miss immensely.

For me, I will miss the humorous 5th grade banter, his wisdom when I sought direction, his proofing of my emails before hitting send or simply his friendship and his smile. That smile and genuiness most of all. Our hearts go out to Kathy, Jonathan and Sarah.

Rest in peace Sean. The light is always on at the station. ~ Bruce Stuart

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